I don’t know what is up there, but I have a feeling it’ll soon be all I know.

So, welcome to the first post on Adventuresome. I’ve been trying to get a webcomic of the ground since, oh, 2005? That sounds like a long time, but I really only spent maybe a total of 4 hours in those 5 years ‘trying’, and the remaining 43 826 hours loudly complaining that I don’t have enough time to do it. My new years resolution is not to be a bitch, so here goes nothing.

For the none of you who want to know, my name is Keith. I’m a graphic design student in Toronto Canada, and I’m trying to be a web-cartoonist. Adventuresome will represent an assortment of comics that I create based around no theme in particular, unless talking objects or strips that have newspaper headlines as punchlines are ┬áthemes. It will be updated twice weekly for the time being, and hopefully that will expand to thrice weekly as I get into a good schedule. I’ll also occasionally post some non-comics that I feel pertain to what I’m doing (or drinking).

If you want to contact me, feel free (there’s a contact page at the top there), although I can’t imagine why you’d want to do that. And please bear with me as the site will be undergoing stylistic changes for quite some time as I get used to this WordPress thing.

Anyway, if you’ve found this already, then welcome! You must be somebody I live with or something! If this is the year 2234, and you are rummaging through the last remaining traces of human existence on the internet, I am so so sorry.