I’m not saying it’s wrong to want to love a piece of furniture, I’m more saying that it’s messed up. But aren’t those really two different things? I mean sure, I’m a man, I can admit to spending the odd night here or there flipping through the Ikea catalogue, the lights are all down low, maybe some Marvin Gaye comes on shuffle…

And for real, there are like 40 seats man, you don’t even want to talk or nothin’.

I’ve got to apologize in advanced for the art in this one, it’s not very good. I drew this quite a while back, in a time before I knew that they even made pens in different weights. But that’s all in the past now, that’s all behind us, boys and girls. I’m becoming a man, a man with a bright blue pencil case full of pretty markers.

I’m thinking that this schedule for comics is maybe a little bit sparse, and I’m going to work on getting up to a M-W-F schedule, hopefully that is something that I can accomplish in the near future. The important thing right now I think is keeping the posting schedule regular anyway.

So that wraps up the first week I guess. I’ll be back on Monday. In the meantime, I might post some non-comic doodles here in blog posts so check back if that at all interests you. Also because reading this website makes you attractive and muscular.

Also there’s an RSS feed now, I hear all the kids are doing that these days. And I’ve added a little button that lets you share comics on your various social networks, in the event that one is deemed worthy of such and honour.