What?! A bonus comic! How’d that happen!?

Don’t get used to it people, Saturday comics, that’s just plain ridiculous.

Let me tell you about Scott here. He’s a ghost, and he used to be just like you or me (if either of us were ghosts). One day though, the ghost of a nuclear weapon wiped out every ghost not alive, every ghost but Scott (he was in a bomb shelter haunting that family from Blast From The Past). Cursed to be the last ghost to not walk the earth, he has all the time in the world to do all those things he’s ever wanted to do. Or at least he would, but he’s terribly unimaginative!

I tried something different here, I’m not sure that my writing it legible enough to use regularly, but maybe I’ll work on it. It’s also kind of fun doing something that requires so little work on the computer later.

Okay, for serious this time, I’ll be back on Monday.