This is probably exactly what happened. I am a trusted Historyologist.

You know, drawing comic strips on a regular basis means that sometimes you have to look for reference photos of objects that you had no idea you didn’t know how to draw. For instance – a microscope. What the fuck do those even look like? What am I a scientist? No. But Google Image Search helped out with that, kind of. To assist in telling the legend of how I learned what a microscope looks like, please turn your attention to the crudely drawn mess below.

And I didn’t even draw what most of the results I got were. The best way to describe the majority of those is “close up pornography”. I should have expected it, I suppose, this being the internet and all, but it was still baffling. What is even the draw to that? Maybe there’s some group of very near sighted people who are aroused by vaguely flesh coloured jpegs. That probably makes sense. All I know is that I spent probably 15 minutes squinting at thumbnails in the results for “microscope” mumbling “what the … why are the microscopes all weird that’s not what I remember them looking like from Bill Nye and … what is th-oh it’s a close up of part of a vagina.”