This is a precursor to something that will be a more long-form thing in a week or so. Just to introduce the character. He’s also the fella up there in the header, and the reason I started this comic!

The Knight Who Was A Bread has a long and tragic backstory, and it uses way too many bread related puns, so I’ll save that for the story arc to come. For now, all you need to know is that he is indeed a bread, and that much to his chagrin, he must decline the invitations of even the most babely princesses, as he is susceptible┬áto staleness, mold, and hungry birds. To avoid this he must spend his nights within his breadbox, awaiting the next adventure to embark upon.

He is very brave, and tastes vaguely of cinnamon.

You will notice that there are now ads on the sidebar. I am experimenting with Google’s indexing capabilities and seeing what their “AdSense” adds to my existing senses. Please do not misunderstand this – I am not attempting to talk my way out of any attempts to make money from ads. Be aware, if ever this comic warrants ad placement, I will have ads all over this bitch. Ads up on your cursor. The whole damned thing is going to be an ad for McCain concentrated orange drink once I’m done with it.