It’s a good idea. A bunch of people crowd into a room and a guy gets up on stage and just begins to shout and flail about. The audience comes away from the evening feeling like they’ve gained something.

Oh wait, they already have that, it’s called any Dane Cook show ever.


Winter is the worst. You can sit in your house and look outside like “look at how beautiful all of the snow is, isn’t it so lovely and peaceful looking?” Then fifteen minutes later when you’re knee deep in a more viscous version of a Slurpee trying to wade to the goddamned convenience store in your waterproof boots (like that even means anything in Canada) so you can buy bread, and all protruding parts of your face are screaming in unison, it’s not so good. You get home and take off your shoes and socks and pants and put on dry ones, put your soggy bready in the cupboard and sit down in the living room where you look out the window and say “oh look, it’s snowing, how nice” again. It’s a vicious cycle.

The one good thing about winter is that it means you don’t have to be as creative about being lazy. In the summer when you just want to lie around in bed and watch House all night, people are gonna give you guff about it. In the winter though, all you need to do is recite the temperature and how far away whatever thing people want you to do is and suddenly you’re all good. It’s a good time.

I’m starting a sketchblog, that ┬áis , a blog where I’m going to post the crap that I draw in my sketchbook every day. It’s largely going to be a bunch of crap with no real value, which is why it’s going on Livejournal! I’ll post a link to it once I get to scanning in some pages for it. Until then all you have is this stupid comic.