Not one of us would think of a way to play that game that wasn’t entirely violent, and that is telling.

Fun fact – this comic is a slightly different version of a comic I already did for not a website, I just added a bald guy, who upon reflection, appears to have some kind of brain tumor. Oh my. He needs assistance what are you doing just looking someone help him.

I’ve started a sketchblog. I’ll probably post a link to that somewhere once I have more than one entry. You can go there if you want to, and if you have a livejournal (because you are in 1999) you can add me as a friend. I’ll maybe say ‘Happy Birthday’ and ask you if I can borrow your car or like some eggs. I don’t know how often I’ll update it, but I’ll maybe throw a sketch up there every few days. I have a sketchbook full of total garbage golden material that I just know everybody in the whole world wants to see.

In other news, I’m trying to learn to do lettering by hand. I don’t have terribly good handwriting, or even that of a fifth grader, so it might be a while. My goal is by year’s end to be hand-lettering Adventuresome strips. Hopefully in such a manner that you can still read what they say. I’ve just noticed that it gives the comic so much more character, so I’d like to be able to do it eventually. Quite frankly I also don’t like lettering it as a separate procedure from the drawing anyway, so it might prove more intuitive to me.