Comic is a bit late going up tonight, sorry about that. Came down with a terrible cold that causes me to mislabel work as ‘almost done’ when it is really ‘pretty much just panels you drew’.

So yeah, being sick isn’t the most fun ever, but hey, it happens. I live in Canada and I have a terrible immune system. The temperature does not cause that immune system to operate at even the peak efficiency that it is capable of maintaining under normal conditions (just barely above keeping my limbs from just falling off) so when it gets cold I get real sick. This year actually hasn’t been too bad, but I guess the last week or so made up for it. I’m not really complaining, it’s just too late at night for me to think of something interesting to write up here.

Oh! So February first was Hourly Comics Day. I did some. They’re up on my sketchblog dealy on livejournal. Check them out if you have nothing better to do and want to read about my boring-ass day. I will say this, there is an exciting scene involving pizza. Not to be missed.