This is based on a true story. It happened sort of like that. Well, okay, I wasn’t there, but it was like this guy I know. Except not. Okay it’s based on a joke I made like a year ago walking back from playing DnD.

Personally, I don’t feel that this would be such a big problem, because what are they rolling against? They can probably just decide that whatever they roll makes them keep going down the street and maybe find a gas station to ask directions from. But I had to explore all other possibilities. If there’s something that this comic stands for, it’s an evenhanded examination of all possible outcomes of the hypothetical situations that are presented. And I intend to uphold that standard of excellence. What do you think all of these trophies are for? Nothing? I don’t have any trophies.

I’ll probably be putting up a ‘comic’ this saturday , but I might not, it’s a mystery, that’s what you people like right?