Those parents are dudes. They’re like “you’re an idiot, son! shut up!” and they’re right to do so because he’s kind of stupid. That guy in the mall was probably like, an alien or whatever. A mummy.

I’ve recently decided that I’m going to start on some storyline strips. I’m not super confident that it’s going to come out very funny, but I guess that right now is probably the best time to give it a shot. That way, years from now, as I sit upon my obsidian throne, tossing bolts of terrible lightning off in every direction, uprooting the trees of civilization and using them to pick the world out from between my teeth, I can look back and go “wow, what was I thinking, The Knight Who Was A Bread would never go into a crater to search for a lost princess, he knows he’d get soggy. That would be irresponsible of him.