These are some douchebags I’m going to draw some pictures about! I’ve got more coming but I might just save them for later. I have posted not one, but two of their glorious instances. This is due less to my ambition than it is to my lack of confidence that one of these two jokes is good enough for an update. Either way, there’s two of them.

I’m going to try to post a little more often than normal this week just because there are a couple of little bonus things that might be fun on the off days. Also, I’ve been posting on my sketchblog pretty frequently lately, so you can go there if you want. I’ve moved to Tumblr, and I like it a lot, it sort of makes me feel like posting the silly things that I’d normally just let sit under my desk until I accidentally spill chef boyardee on them.

Also! I’ve created a Facebook page for the comic, so you can go ‘like’ that and I guess that’s how I’ll do all of my communication re: the comic on that site. Hoorah!