Three updates this week! They’re about this ghost man! He has a situation.

I’m slowly working on changing the website, so hopefully I’ll find some time in the next couple of weeks. Mostly I just want to put up a new header, and clean up some stuff.

I know I have mentioned before to look over to the left to see some cool comics, but I wanna give a shout out to a couple of guys in particular who I have had the pleasure of (internet) meeting recently. Justin of Invisible Bread and Left Handed Toons, and Jason of Robbie and Bobby. They both seem like super nice guys and their comics are delightful.

TCAF was this past weekend, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. I really liked the panels that I got to go to, and the whole thing just made me feel really good about comics. I didn’t go talk to anybody, mostly because I turn into a nervous shaking thing around people who do work that I really admire. I regret this. I’m hoping to get a table and exhibit next year though, seeing as it’s in my hometown and I … want to. Maybe by then I won’t be so silly.