Hey everyone, this week has been very slow for comics but I just wanted you to know that I’m not doing nothing! I’m finishing a tiny little minicomic that I’m going to have on my person at TCAF! I’m printing them and putting ’em all together and there aren’t gonna be a lot of them to hand out, but I’m doing that!

It’s a tiny little story about a guy and some stuff and you’ll see! It’s 8 pages long and that’s tiny!

I’m gonna be at TCAF in toronto this weekend, though I don’t have a table (I’m too cool to sit at a table ANYway), if you want a free minicomic just come find me! I’d give you guys my phone number since you’re super cool but there’s some dudes on the internet who aren’t so if you wanna find me just tweet at me! Or you can look for me, I’ll be the guy with the curly hair and the shirt on.

Also – I’m going to post the mini in its entirety here on Friday! So you can see it even if you don’t come to TCAF (which you should).