Hey everybody, these are some doodles that I’ve done recently and decided to turn into comics and post because I’m so behind. We’ll be getting back to the Wonder Lad Is Dead story very soon, but right now I’ve got to do a lot of schoolwork that unfortunately doesn’t leave much time for anything other than sleeping and going to work. November is the worst month of the year for me for schoolwork, mostly because my program doesn’t have exams, so we have a ton of projects due all at once, on top of essays and exam preparation for classes outside my major. I’m past the halfway mark though, so we should be back to normal soon.

In the meantime, thank you so much for bearing with me, I post some doodles and other stuff on Twitter and Tumblr sometimes so even if I don’t have time to update the comic I might put up a little drawing I did on the bus or something. Go check those out while I put my comics axe to the … comics axe … sharpening thing.

See you soon.