Adventuresome – /adˈvenCHərsəm/

  • 1. Adjective – Given to adventures or to running risks.
  • 2. Noun – A pretty okay webcomic made by a guy who is the kind of guy you might say “oh yeah, that guy, he’s okay I guess” about. Maybe invite him to the movies with you guys or something. He’d totally see that movie, even though the newspaper said it was only okay.

Welcome to adventuresome.ca, home of the webcomic by the same name! It is drawn by Keith Mclean, a graphic design student from Toronto Ontario who has been drawing silly things since his fingers were fully functional  (and had stopped tingling from the accident with the wall socket). This comic is a collection of the silly things he sees now that he can cross the street by himself, and the more silly things that pop up into his head (like a clown riding a bike that is made of smaller clowns, or a Koala Bear!).

Currently, being so bogged down in school work and making eggs or whatever he does, the comic will be updated twice a week – Mondays and Thursdays. Not ideal, but that will become more frequent as soon as time permits. And if you check back on the regular, you might find that updates find their way onto the site more frequently than that.

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