Visitor Management: How Well Do You Trust Vendors in Your Facilities?

You must take control in providing access to your building. Providing badges to your employees works as access cards. If salespeople want to enter the building, then they have to sign in visitor management systems. To take care of all these things you need to hire a strict receptionist who makes everyone follow the rule and able to enforce these rules.

So the receptionist must know everybody’s information of the individual who enters into the office. For instance if a person walked into the office, then they should be able to know that he is a fire extinguisher guy who comes for monthly inspection or a plumber who come to the building to fix the toilet or leaky valve. It could be the vending person who comes to restocks the vending machine so on and so forth.

visitor management systems

You ensure workers are recognized and you keep track of those infrequent visitors. But, in most cases, the maintenance and service people go all everywhere in the building, but the best receptionist will never let them go around until they sign in the entry book and putting a visitor’s pass. Of course, when the infrequent visitors are once inside the building, no one really pays any attention.

If this is the case in your office, then you should start making some amendments as you are giving access to these people who have unrestricted access to the entire building. They walk into important places, desks, and past tables loaded with confidential information and proprietary details. Also, not safe for employees as they leave their belongings near their cubicles and walk around the office doing their work. These people are also free to talk to any of your employees. They have access to stairwells, restrooms, and other out-of-sight places.

If you can’t answer these questions like what type of screening do your employee execute when hiring an individual? Or how frequently do they inquire about their current employees? That means you have absolutely no idea whether your employees and your business are protected from those sociable service people.  You will just assume that your employees are careful about hiring the workers like you, but you are forgetting that it could be a perilous assumption.

So it is important to know how you can safeguard yourself. The first thing that you should do is know precisely what your sellers and service providers are doing to make sure their workers justify your trust. If their inspection procedure does not make you totally comfortable, then maybe it is the time to commence your own process.  The best and possible approach is using a visitor management systems app that means the seller has to register before they want to enter your premises. This app performs the background check of the vendor that can help you find if the vendor is genuine or not.  Also using this visitor management systems you can track and know exactly who is wandering in your building.

Also, it is important to provide restricting access for those service people or sellers. That may entail authorizing an escort to get them back to the area where the work is executing, and sometime the escort must remain with the worker until they finish the work.


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